1. Pinned Post
Users can pin a post that appears on top of your Timeline. Pinned post remain on top of your timeline as long as you want it to stay there. It is a great way to display content to your friends on Afrosky for promotions, events or articles.


2. Enable / Disable Notification Post Wise
You can easily get rid of unwanted notifications for the posts that you are not interested in. you can enable / disable notification for an individual post to stop getting notifications for that post.


3. Feelings & Greetings
Sooner you will be Greeted a with a polite Good Morning message? You will be able to share your feelings?
You will be able to share your feelings and activities in very awesome way, like celebrating birthday, feeling happy/sad/angry, watching videos, listening to music and much more.

In just few clicks greet your friends and Family members instantly or schedule it for a later, in an awesome way leading to more effective and engaging interaction.


4. Highlight Posts (Increased Font Size)
Users regularly post great content on their profile. But, what if you want to feature a small post? By increasing the font size, Now you can feature small posts or posts with defined number of characters to show them on your wall prominently. By using this feature, even a small post doesn't go unnoticed by your friends.


5. Word Styling
Eye-catching colors, making a word more visually appealing and attention-grabbing. Use different colors for text in your post to make it stand out from the crowd. This feature can be used to highlight a brand, announcements, etc.


6. Posting Feeds with Attractive Backgrounds
Grab attention! Attractive background behind your status updates or posts, to make it more noticeable and to grab the attention of visitors. Add background colors / patterns to your posts to make them standout from other posts.


7. Single Product Advertisement
Want to advertise or sell a stand alone product? No need to build an eCommerce website or setup a store or spend some more money in integrating payment gateways. Afrosky allow users to advertise their products with prices, product descriptions and other information right on your wall. In case you want more than this then the Sky store is your best bet.


8. Targeted Posts
Reach your target audience, classifying them by age or gender. With this enhancement it’s now easier to reach a specific set of population. Afrosky feed offers a great way to target users with your posts, offers, ads, etc. to help you segment the target market based on gender or different age groups.


9. Customizable Post Scheduling
Schedule a post as per your preferred date and time. Once you schedule a post, it will automatically be posted on your timeline, thus helping you plan and execute your engagement plans for your Community Members in an effective way. Scheduling a post makes your marketing efforts more focused and smooth.


10. On This Day
People often look back at old photos and other memories they’ve shared previously with their friends/community members. On This Day, a new way to look back at things that you have posted earlier and feel nostalgic. The user can only see “On This Day” on his/her timeline, and share it on his/her wall if they wish to. This feature helps to relive and share memories from past in a very attractive way.


11. Stickers & Reactions
Bring life to text, add reactions & stickers to your text and show the world how expressive you are, in your posts. This enhancement allows you to be expressive in your post and also helps the Community to build engagements with other members.


12. Nice Unicode Text Emojis
Make your posts look trendy by adding up unicode text emojis. Emojis make engagements more effective and appealing. Emojis made their way through messages to social media and now they’re even in email communications. Some of the brands have started using Emojis in their marketing messages for younger generation too. And this will soon be possible on Afrosky


13. Different Box Designs for Status
Add appeal to your status and posts with 3 different layouts. Communicate in your own style and share status in different box designs. Personalize it and make it more attractive.


14. Different User Photo Positions in Feed
User’s photo can be shown at 7 different positions on the timeline soon on our community. This adds a new look and feel to your Timeline making it more attractive and stylish.