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Denmark's richest man in the dramatic accident, crashed violently into the concrete block with her porsche

Denmark's richest man - LEGO owner Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen - were involved in a dramatic accident when on Saturday he crashed violently into a concrete block during a race, where Prince Joachim also participated. The accident was the second of its kind in his life.

Cars and racing can be a very dangerous hobby. It could easily cost Denmark's richest man, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen his life as on Saturday he crashed head-on into a concrete block with his Porsche in a race.


The Danish billionaire who according to Berlingske with her children has a fortune valued at over 145 billion. kr., could in fact have come pretty in trouble.

During the Classic Race in Aarhus, where Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen took part with his orange Porsche 911 in the so-called 65-class, Where things actually went quite wrong. On a video, which Stiften.dk put up of the accident , you can see how Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen is squeezed in a turn of another driver.

The result was that he sped head-on into the raised concrete barrier. Furthermore got the car pretty big damaged in the front and the hood was well curled.

The 69-year-old Lego billionaire was subsequently examined by a doctor who could see that the rich man had escaped virtually unscathed.

The director of the Classic Race Aarhus, Mike Legarth, welcomes Kjeld Kirk Kristiansens participation - even though he was annoyed by his accident:

"Apparently there was some gravel on the road, which meant that he skidded and violently hitted a concrete element. Fortunately there were only material damage, "he says.  He was well enough to even got out and inspected his car, which subsequently had to be towed away by Falck. However the wealthy man seemed a bit upset about the situation.

This is not the first time that the rich man smashes a car in the popular race. Back in 2011 he smashed his expensive Porsche 356 Carrera, when he crashed into the concrete barrier as well.

The damage to Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen car was so violent that Falck had to come and tow the car away. Photo: Axel Schütt

Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, who for years have been known to spend much money and time on his hobby, horses, has reportedly also always had a passion for Motorsports.

But he began in earnest to cultivate racing at a mature age. It was alleged that his father was not so thrilled that his son should grow motorsport as Kjeld Kirk in his youth was involved in a major traffic accident, where his sister died.

Despite the unfortunate incident on Saturday's races, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, however, after all, rejoiced that he managed to run eight of the scheduled ten laps before he ended up in the barrier.

Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen managed to run eight out of ten laps before he was pressed into the concrete wall. Here he is behind the wheel of his Porsche. Photo: Axel Schütt



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