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Property Posting Packages

Check out our flexible property posting packages below.
    • Term: Free for 3 months
    • Sponsored: No
    This is a beginner's package for no charge with non-expire listing. Auto-approved upon submitting the property, so you do not have to wait for admin to approve it.
    • Term: $10.00 for 6 months
    • Sponsored: No
    Just a standard non-featured, non-sponsored, which allow you to renew or upgrade to a higher package at any time.
    • Term: Free for 1 year
    • Sponsored: No
    Submit your property under this package to get featured on our property listing home page, and various of places.
    • Term: $25.00 for forever
    • Sponsored: Yes
    Get featured, and sponsored for unlimited listings, plus sexy little package's photo on your property profile to stand-out from the rest. Only allow new job submission, no upgrade, no renew.
    • Term: Free for forever
    • Sponsored: Yes
    This is for the administrative purpose only