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Domestos Citrus Fresh Multipurpose Thick Bleach - 750ml

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Colour: Yellow

Brand: Domestos

Protect your home and family with the unique germ-fighting properties of Domestos Pink Power Multi-purpose Thick Bleach. Specially formulated to be long-lasting and highly effective, Domestos bleach kills 99.9% of known germs. You want to keep your family safe from germs and your home looking clean, fresh and welcoming, so choose Domestos cleaning products.

The reliable bleach cleaner and sanitiser is safe to use on almost all household surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. You can keep your floors, walls, toilet bowl, patio and more clean, sparkling and germ-free with Domestos Multi-purpose Bleach.

It's the best way to keep your home or workplace hygienic, clean and free of disease-causing germs and bacteria. Domestos Pink Power is a must-have in your cleaning and sanitation products tool kit. When you use Domestos thick bleach, it's easy to keep your family healthy and protected from germs and disease.

This Domestos Multi-purpose Thick Bleach has been formulated to disinfect, fight germs and keep surfaces brilliantly clean and shining. Domestos Multi-purpose Bleach will also clean and prevent limescale build-up in your toilet bowl.

It clings to the toilet bowl, even below the waterline, to provide an extra layer of sanitation protection. With Domestos, you'll be winning the war on germs, every day. 


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