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  • Kunle Ojo
    Posted May 31
    Before this week is over, God will fix everything that needs His touch in your life. Your destiny shall be refreshed. He will save you from shattered dreams.
    He shall heal you of all disappointments and repair your broken heart. God shall lead your path to permanent blessings. The source of your living waters shall be purified.
    You will flourish, prosper and be evergreen in Jesus name. Good morning;
    Have a lovely Thursday!
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  • Abla  Dandjo
    Posted May 31
    No man rises without being helped in life. Therefore I pray that from today, Destiny helpers, destiny sponsors, destiny promoters, destiny lifters and destiny announcers shall locate you before the end of this month.
    Your confidence in the Lord is restored. Day by day, men shall come to help you. You shall grow great. You shall wax strong. You shall enjoy uncommon prosperity from now on by the reason of God's sure mercy.

    Men shall give to you in abundance, above and beyond your expectations. You shall not experience any disgrace before your celebration. Receive that unique and special miracle in Jesus mighty name, Amen. Good morning
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  • Abla  Dandjo
    Posted May 31
    Though the mountain may be departed and the hills be removed.
    But God's kindness and favour shall not depart from you and your household, neither shall the covenant of His peace be removed.
    From now on the Lord will be merciful unto you and you shall never lack good thing in the mighty name of Jesus.

    Welcome to the last day in the month of Grace, and Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ will work for you throughout your life time. Amen
    Good morning and remain blessed
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  • Olamide George
    Posted May 30
    It was a ram that took up the death of Isaac. Hamman died in the place of Modeccai.
    Today, all the enemies of your life that say no way for your success & breakthrough shall become a ransom for your life.
    God will shower and embarrass you with His goodness, mercy, favour & joy today.
    The Almighty God will put out every strange fire in your finance, business, career and health. Every evil covenant and curse upon your life is erased by fire. You will never suffer set back in any faces of your life.
    You will encounter sudden breakthrough before this month ends in Jesus Name. Amen.
    Good day to you and have a Grace filled day!
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  • Olamide George
    Posted May 30
    When men say it is over, then God takes over, and when God takes over, the battle is over.
    I speak into your life this beautiful morning, may God take over every impossible issue in your life today.
    May He grant you permanent solutions.

    May you succeed and prosper where others have failed.
    May you have breakthrough in every area of your life.
    Because you are more than a conqueror, may you win every battle surrounding you and conquer every satanic trap set on your journey of life in the in Jesus marvellous name. Amen.
    Good morning, stay richly blessed.
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  • Jessica Mary
    Posted May 30
    As the crying of the baby attract the attention of the mother, all your needs will attract the attention of God and you shall continue to receive God's favour, mercy and protection over your life. Amen_..

    The mercies of God will overflow into your life. Your mornings will be good, your afternoons will be better, your evenings will be glorious and your nights will be peaceful. Goodness of God will encompass you, glory of God will overwhelm you, the light of God will shine upon you.
    The LORD will Open the heavens each day to water your life and keep you evergreen, blooming and flourishing by the grace of God. In Jesus mighty name.
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  • Jessica Mary
    Posted May 30
    I pray for you today that, Your life will be full of undeniable joy, Your story will be an evidence of unbelievable testimonies. Your destiny will step into unending favour.
    Your tomorrow will be filled with Glory. You will not fail in your undertakings. The God that made way for the children of Israelites at the red sea will make way for you and your family and it shall be well with you in Jesus name, Amen. Good morning and have a glorious day.
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  • Aleksei  Kulkov
    Posted May 20
    May the children of whole of the World Unite in Understanding, Peace and Love! With all means necessary. May we eradicate greed and promote equality, freedom and sharing! Amen!
    — From the Heart
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  • Afrosky Team
    Posted Feb 15
    Father, thank you for the intricate way you have knitted us together in our mother’s womb. You made every part of us with the ability to relate to You and to others. Help my child’s spouse to keep their entire self pure—their body, their mind, and their spirit—as a gift to my child in marriage. Put peers in their lives who value purity and will hold them accountable. Give them role models who are living a life that honors You and honors their spouse. Help them to learn how to rely on You to resist temptation. Show them the way out when it seems too hard to say no. Amen.
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