Thanksgiving Prayer

I will give thanks to the LORD because of His righteousness
and will sing praise to the name of the LORD Most High.

A Prayer for Strength

Lord, I’m weary. My energy is sagging, and my motivation is lagging.
And I am so in need of you. I need your strength and your fresh touch to get back on track again.

Praise the Lord

  • Wyatt Williford
    Posted May 16, 2019
    “I have called upon Thee,
    For Thou wilt hear me, o Lord, and hear my speech.
    Show Thy marvelous loving kindness, O Thou that savest by
    Thy right hand those who put their trust in Thee from those
    That rise up against them.
    Keep me as the apple of thine eye;
    Hide me under the shadow of Thy wings.”[Psalm 7: 6,7,8]
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  • Wyatt Williford
    Posted May 16, 2019
    Lord, I’m in that place again
    On my knees
    Laying my life out before You
    Thank you that on the cross you cried
    “It is finished”
    You have done it
    Forgiveness is complete
    I can live forever in Your grace
    Forever in Your love

    So I ask now for Your forgiveness
    For the wrongs that I have done
    And the things that I have neglected
    I ask for Your forgiveness
    For the people I have hurt along the way
    And those who I have failed to love as You love
    I ask for Your forgiveness

    I receive Your forgiveness
    And resolve in my heart
    That with Your strength
    I determine not to make these errors again
    I receive Your forgiveness
    And by the power of Your Holy Spirit
    I walk away from everything I know to be wrong
    And embrace everything I know about You
    For the kingdom, the power and the glory
    Are always and forever Yours
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  • Salvatore Gaffney
    Posted April 7, 2019
    Even while I encourage you to pray this prayer, I caution you that saying words alone will not save you. Prayer doesn’t save. Only Christ can save. But prayer can be a means of reaching out to the Lord in true saving faith. If you pray these words in faith, Christ will save you. You can be sure of that.

    Lord Jesus, for too long I’ve kept you out of my life. I know that I am a sinner and that I cannot save myself. No longer will I close the door when I hear you knocking. By faith I gratefully receive your gift of salvation. I am ready to trust you as my Lord and Savior. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for coming to earth. I believe you are the Son of God who died on the cross for my sins and rose from the dead on the third day. Thank you for bearing my sins and giving me the gift of eternal life. I believe your words are true. Come into my heart, Lord Jesus, and be my Savior. Amen.
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  • Afrosky Team
    Posted February 12, 2019
    "Dear God, Thank you for your amazing power and work in our lives, thank you for your goodness and for your blessings over us. Thank you for your great love and care. Thank you for your sacrifice so that we might have freedom and life. Forgive us for when we don't thank you enough, for who you are, for all that you do, for all that you've given. Help us to set our eyes and our hearts on you afresh.
    Renew our spirits, fill us with your peace and joy. We love you and we need you, this day and every day. We give you praise and thanks, for You alone are worthy! In Jesus' Name, Amen."
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  • Afrosky Team
    Posted February 12, 2019
    Dear Father in heaven, we thank you with all our hearts for showing your power in us and for overcoming so much that is hostile and that threatens to harm our life. We thank you for the countless wonders you do for our sake. We rejoice and thank you most of all for allowing us to know that you are writing our names in heaven. Where our names are, there we are too. Where our Lord Jesus Christ is, there we want to be too, and our words and our actions should come from him. Keep us faithful in this, and let us serve you with gladness on every path we tread. Amen.
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